Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes, more bird photos...

The snow is falling here in Missouri and it's still hard for me to get out in this cold weather and photograph how I would like to, so I just sit inside my warm house and take photos of birds (yes, more birds) perched on my porch swing and in the trees outside my window...
Now this guy is a hard one to snap a photo of, but I got him!

And this picture cracks me's like the male Cardinal is getting ready to make the moves on this female ("How you doin"?) and she's playing hard to get...just in time for Valentines Day!

I got some great goodies in the mail today...

My custom strap cover for my camera bag that I had ordered from Eclectic Whatnot...the same talented lady that made my camera strap cover...I love it! And the remote I ordered for my camera, I hope to be able to put it to use soon...dang weather!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!
Stay warm!


  1. Love your pics! They are too cute!
    And your camera bag with the new strap is awesome!

  2. Lovely photos! You have the most amazing coloured birds there xxx

  3. I have never seen such beautiful birds!!! Fantastic shots!!!

  4. I love your photography! I am hosting my 3rd Photo Challenge themed VINTAGE. Fun right :] I would LOVE if you participated!
    ~Angel @


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