Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Hour take 2...

Last night I stood outside in the sub zero temp determined to get a Blue Hour shot...I couldn't get much further than the end of my sidewalk because of all the snow, but here is what I got shooting with my Canon Rebel T1i...

Time 6:22 p.m.   ISO 100   Aperture F/14    Shutter Speed 8"
West side of my home.

Time 6:25 p.m.   ISO 100  Aperture F/14   Shutter Speed 8"
North side of my home.

I really hope one of these is a Blue Hour shot...because when I came inside, my hands were bright red and took an hour to get warmed back up!! In the "tweets" of my teacher, Kent Weakley "Frozen hands, yes, but warming up photography skills!" So true, so true!


  1. Those came out great!!! Such pretty blues! I will be attempting again and this weekend until I get it right!!!

  2. Love them! Girl you are crazy, outside in the cold at night! Love it!
    Hugs xxx


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