Monday, January 31, 2011

The best of the bunch...

Whew, Blue Hour is a lot harder to capture than I thought it would be...for those of you who have done it hats off to you! I stood outside in freezing drizzle and hand numbing temps with my camera on my tripod ready to shoot this elusive hour, here is the best of the bunch (and that's not saying much)...

There is a lot of noise in this one, but there was more "blue" than the others!

This is a photo of the front of our home, I don't know what color you would call the sky in this hour???

Now I am determined to get the perfect blue hour shot, even if that means I freeze my butt of trying!
Beauty is pain, right? Or does that just apply to your personal appearance?

Stay warm everyone, we are getting ready for a blizzard here in Missouri!


  1. I love these photos! I had never heard of blue hour before. Hope you have a great day xxx


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