Saturday, January 22, 2011

this is me...

you will learn that i do not like my photo to be taken...i've always viewed  myself differently than others do, that's why i am always the one behind the lens. i've been trying to get a better attitude about photos of myself...i know i won't always look the way i do, i will get more wrinkles, grey hair, gain weight, lose weight and change as i grow i want my children to see some photos of me, not just of my favorite tree, birds or flowers...

so this is me!


  1. Beautiful, Meg, and you are as bad as my wife of 42 years. She worries about the same things, and I keep telling her that she has always been beautiful and it's not just in her looks but from that beauty that comes from within.

    No matter what changes she goes through her beauty always shines forth, and Im sure your husband feels the same about you...

    However, I know how you feel about being in front of the camera, I'm the same way... :-)

  2. Thank you so much Glenn, your wife is a lucky lady to have such a sweet husband! Take care!



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