Saturday, January 29, 2011

eClass talk & some new photos...

hello there!!

last night was the first official night of the eClass "Night Photography" by Kent Weakley and let me just tell is awesome so far and i only expect it to get better! Kent explains things so well, with so much's perfect for someone like me...a beginner! i will defiantly be taking more of his courses in the future! tonight i start to learn about "Blue Hour" and i am pretty excited about it!

yesterday the sun came out and it was nice enough to go outside and test out my new "Dreamy Diana Lens" from, i also took a few photos just for fun using my Canon 55-250mm lens...

these were taken using the Diana F lens...i love it because you never know what you are going to get!

now i didn't take this yesterday...i sat in my very cold entryway and waited for this little guy to sit still long enough to capture a photo of was 10 degrees that morning...and no, that's not my finger in front of the lens, it's out porch swing!

i took these photos just for fun with my zoom lens...

i love the cast of the shadow from the toy dino...i had to give it back to my son afterwards!

i hope all of you have a lovely Saturday...we are headed to my mother's house for the day!
hopefully i will have some "Blue Hour" photos to share soon!

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