Tuesday, January 18, 2011

camera bags?

Today was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get some birthday money...one thing I've been wanting is a new camera bag...so this is where you come in...

Okay, I need your opinion...
I am going to buy a new camera bag and I want to know which one you "love" the best (for me)...

1. Jo Totes - Rose Marigold Bag
Elegant and Sassy - Wish list item!

2. Cheeky Lime Classic Bag
Cute and Cheeky - Free Shipping!

3. *Emera Classic Canvas Camera Tote 
Simple and Chic - A little pricey though!

I also love the Kelly Moore Bags and ONA Bags {ONA bags are crazy expensive, but absolutely beautiful!}

Okay, you're up...which one do you think??

Thanks for your help!



  1. I probably won't be much help here :) they are all great....i love the colour of the first one and the simplicity of the third one xxx

  2. I've been eyeing the Jo Totes for awhile now, so of course I have to say that one. It's so cute and looks more like a purse.


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